Wires-X Is On The SSRA Repeater!

PROPER use of the WIRES-X System

is REQUIRED for the system to shine.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to know how the system works and how to interface with it. This is a new system to most people, and we all all learning about it together. Don’t be surprised to find that your first WIRES-X contact is with someone who is also making their first contact as well!

Plan to spend plenty of time reading and educating yourself on the WIRES-X System PRIOR to operating on it. There are only 3 pages here to familiarize yourself with. Read them, and if you have questions, please feel free to contact the SSRA at SSRA.NET

Explore the buttons above to learn more!

Did you know… an outside node (even a repeater) can join our SSRA room,
linking and making calls on our repeaters too?

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